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You understand how important it is to be efficient with your time and provide a great patient experience. Simple physical increases your efficiency, improves your patient’s experience, and increases your patient retention… at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Elevate your practice with the first fully-responsive DOT physical exam management platform.

Simple Exam Submission

Navigating the FMCSA National Registry and state driver’s licensing websites is time-consuming and confusing. We’ve made it simple. Exam results can be automically submitted to the FMCSA. State DMV guidance and portal document preparation is also provided. Plus, your data is securely stored on our HIPAA-Compliant server.

Get Organized

Our software manages the exam process for you.  From your dashboard get a quick summary of exams and their status. Whether it’s reviewing medical history, completing an exam, or submitting results to the federal and state agencies, our dashboard keeps you organized and on track.

Who Doesn't Appreciate a Reminder?

Our reminders feature can help you keep your drivers in good standing for years to come. Our software automatically alerts your drivers or their safety managers about their upcoming medical certification expiration. A simple gesture that will increase their loyalty to you.

Automate Intakes

Add a link to your website where drivers can easily share their information with you prior to their appointment or use our in-office kiosk mode.  Our software ensures the form is complete and identifies any medical history inconsistencies. 


Say goodbye to monotonous data entry! Our software is uniqely optimized for mobile devices making it a breeze to complete an exam on your phone or tablet. Our software has a library of pre-existing comments to use, or create your own for future use. Either way, you’ll save time, prevent errors and be more productive.

Big Brain Onboard

There can be a lot to consider when completing an exam.  Making an incorrect determination could unfairly limit driving privileges or, conversely, lead to unsafe roads. We’ve partnered with the subject matter experts, TeamCME, to help you identify potential risks and ensure accurate qualification determinations every time

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