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Easily submit exams on any device

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FMCSA reporting & State DMV guidance
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DOT Physical Exam Software, Simplephysical on mobile devices with form MCSA-5875 behind it

A seamless process designed by examiners, for examiners

Maximize efficiency while completing an accurate exam

Choose from the options below:

I am…

Recently Certified Medical Examiner for DOT Physicals
Season Certified Medical Examiner for DOT Physicals who wants to switch DOT Exam Software
Seasoned DOT Physical Medical Examiner who wants to go paperless

State Reporting Support

DMV reporting guidance and portal document preparation including state affidavits.

Copy Co. / Safety on request. DMVs may require in-person submittal (MO) 


Complete your documentation accurately on any device with confidence.

The first mobile-friendly, fully responsive physical exam software.

Searchable Database

Keep record of all your exams within a searchable HIPAA compliant database.

Easily access past entries and attachments to make quick edits or updates.

Useful Dashboards

Keep track of all your past exams by category using our clean, concise dashboards.

Get alerts for any upcoming certificate expirations, determination pending countdowns and more.

NRCME Reporting

Elect to have your exam results automatically submitted to the registry with simple physical as a dedicated TPO.

Ensure timely and accurate entry into the NRCME database.

CRM Automation

Choose to setup recurring exam reminders at the interval determined on the driver’s MCSA 5875/6 forms.

Help to ensure a growing patient base with built-in administrative shortcuts and alerts.

Administration simplified

based on clinical applications

Just enough alerts

the information you need, right up front.

Guidance based design

expert tools you didn’t know you needed

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